Who is rachel maddow dating

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Who is rachel maddow dating

But among younger viewers — adults under 55 — Maddow on some nights last month actually edged out Rupert Murdoch’s Trump-worshiping infotainment network.

What’s more, Maddow’s surge has produced something of a halo effect for MSNBC’s evening lineup.

hour, some installments have generated bigger tune-in than prime-time entertainment shows airing the same night on the broadcast networks.

The MSNBC star has, for the past several months, supplanted O’Reilly as the No. But on Monday, Sean Hannity moved his show to the p.m. And the early returns suggest that Maddow is going to have her hands full holding on to that top spot.

Hannity replaced is now back at , with Hannity back at where he held down the fort for years — first with longtime partner Alan Colmes, and then solo.

Despite Maddow’s success, Fox News managed to complete its 63rd consecutive quarter as the No.

* delivered a nightly audience of 1.6 million viewers in February, boosting viewership a massive 169 percent over the reruns the network once aired in the hour.

While that’s a long way from the roughly 8 million who used to watch Williams on ’s pop-culture ascendancy since Trump’s election.

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