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Webcam chat 2013

First, be aware that in remote or poor countries, the quality of the water you find in nature might probably not be suitable for drinking.You can try, of course, but you might deeply regret it.It would enable us to drink water basically from anywhere and with the assurance that we would not have any consequences on our immune system.We used three different Life Straw products on our trip across Asia and Europe: The Life Straw Steel, a metallic straw which enables you drink directly from the water source.It has a 12 liter bag to filter from and a purifier for viruses. The water stays in the bag, suspended on a tree or whatever high stuff you can attach it to, and slowly filters the twelve litters of water while you set up camp.Why would we need to use Life Straw in Central Asia?The water from Life Straw is directly filtered, keeping its freshness.Nothing is better than the feeling of drinking icy water from a waterfall that’s along the road.

A great example of this was when we saw teams of travelers from the “Mongol Rallye” in Murghab, a remote village in Tajikistan.

It is basically a bottle with a threaded cap and the filter inside.

It fills up to 650ml of water so you always have a little spare water with you.

We were curious to try a filter for the first time and this review relate our experience.

In a sentence, the Life Straw filters were the most underrated items in our luggage’s when we left for India.

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Such a journey need careful preparation and a quest for the right equipment.

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