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With all the concern over the ransomware malware infecting machines, I'm looking to finally update several of my older machines running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3 (and once there, apply the May 2017 security patch Microsoft has issued).

The only trustworthy place I could still find the SP3 update is Archive.org, via this link:» ··· 916Before I apply it though, I found what appears to be a final build of the SP3 update, containing all the security patches ever released.

To make it easier to install Windows XP updates and fixes, Microsoft collects these files in service packs.

Service packs help extend and update the functionality of your computer.

From what I understand, and please do correct me if I'm wrong, KB4018466 is NOT intended for XP/SP3.

Microsoft's official (and only) recommended patch for XP/SP3 in regards to these May attacks is: KB4012598.

Excluding, of course, this most recent one in 2017.

Installing anything else is just potentially going above and beyond what Microsoft is recommending, giving me even better or more up-to-date protection?Edit #1: Microsoft has a sister version of Windows XP called Windows POSReady 2009.It's an operating system for point of sale machines such as credit card readers, and its core is based on Windows XP Service Pack 3. It didn't detect it was already there and just installed it again, including the required system reboot.I used to use Auto Patcher back in the day because it would sort most of my files off line Although Major Geeks says there was, I didn't think there was an official version» ··· k_3Otherwise search the Microsoft catolog» ··· q=xp sp3There was also this reminder at Microsoft to make sure your computer was ready for the updates»support.microsoft.com/en ··· e-pack-3Ah here it is:»msdn.microsoft.com/en-us ··· Id=15565Of this link and with a checksum:»superuser.com/questions/ ··· hecksums Windows XP Service Pack 3 (x86) - CD (English)SHA1: 8fa76ccea145d050fc6a506ffbdedfe53282e5b4Hope it helps The legal download from Microsoft has been removed long ago.The original update filename download, windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe, can not normally be run through Virus Total (yet it's there) due to its file size of 332MB. Went with this download (even though same size, to the byte, as the one on Archive.org, I prefer getting Windows updates through the Microsoft site whenever possible). Took nearly an hour to install, likely because during the "cleanup" phase it was installing several hotfixes according to event viewer, but it looks to be successful and I'm running SP3. I ran 'Microsoft Update' and through IE, it says the only update missing is Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (I'll pass on that, thank you). KB4018466 is the May 2017 fix.»Re: Malware, described in leaked NSA documents, cripples computers worldwide Get KB4018466 here:» ··· B4018466Yep. I have recommended before»Re: Win XP SP3 (POSReady/WE509) updatesthat you install the POSReady/WEP509 registry hack and fully update your XP system(s). Microsoft released KB4012598 to the public (for XP SP3 machines) in response to»Malware, described in leaked NSA documents, cripples computers worldwide Those on Win XP SP3 with the POSReady/WEP509 hack got KB4012598 in March 2017 as part of the regular monthly updates.

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As far as that goes, I DO need to modify the registery to install it, right?