Updating medical assistants cert

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Updating medical assistants cert

We spend a lot of time on undeliverable letters and tracking down licensees to determine whether they wish to renew.It takes an inordinate amount of time which could be spent more effectively on other matters.He/She will be able to perform clinical procedures, preparing a patient for physical exams, and assisting the physicians with other exams.The Medical Assistant may help the physician with minor surgical procedures and can sterilize and care for instruments.

Keep the Board informed of changes to your contact information.

Credit for CE shall be calculated on a point basis in the following categories and must relate to occupational therapy services. This process is goal oriented toward the maximum health of the patient by the interaction of self-care, work and leisure, and is not used as an isolated recreation activity.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to demonstrate how specific classes contribute to the development of the occupational therapy skills. The use in this way does not include leisure activities as used by therapeutic recreation specialists.

You cannot use CE from March, April, May twice, so if you used these CE points for the previous renewal, you cannot use them again.

Here is a list of the problems that came up: In order to provide a service to applicants and occupational therapists, the board will give information on some upcoming CE events.

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"Application to OT Services" (CE Log) must be included for credit. (5) "Mentorship," as it is used in these rules, is a collaborative experience of direct contact between currently licensed occupational therapy practitioners for the purpose of updating professional skills.

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