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Not to worry, I have the snarky personality to back it all up. I’m not a dating expert by any means, but I do know enough to be dangerous.Also, to my future partner, if you are reading this, I don’t mind talking about it. So without further ado, my first article will be about…Ok Cupid. Most of my young single friends have Ok Cupid profiles.But it’s like a huge secret, we don’t talk about it.We may even see someone we know searching through profiles, but it’s pretty much like we don’t see them.When investigators impersonated the girl on November 1, O'Kibosh asked "her" to send an explicit photo. Sickel ordered O'Kimosh be held in a federal corrections facility pending trial, based on his "potential risk of flight due to the significant sentence that may be imposed if convicted" and on the fact that the alleged offenses happened while he was on duty as a Menominee Tribal Police officer.He also asked to meet for oral sex and, when "she" agreed, showed up at place they had arranged. "The Court finds the information set forth by the defense is not sufficient to rebut the presumption of detention and no set or combination of conditions would assure the safety of the community," wrote Sickel.

They usually trade inappropriate pictures or messages amongst themselves, while categorically denying that they are even on the website.

However, where most of the conversation is fluff, I have known guys who are obsessed with how it all works. I also know that sadly, the “best of breed” girls, the “Perfect 10’s” of the world more than likely does not have a Ok Cupid profile.

They send hundreds of messages, they have systems for responses, and they always seem to focus on some minute flaw or detail as means of disqualification. I do not see the girls at the Merchandise Mart dressed to the nines checking their phones for guys on Ok Cupid. Due to the advent of Catfish (note: for those unfamiliar with the term, look up Manti Te’o), spam bots who want you to send them money to their online sex chat rooms, and just people in general who embellish their profiles to a point, I don’t really believe much I see online. I always look for profiles that have full body shots.

I’ve been recovering as a socially awkward person for as long as I can remember.

And I enjoy talking about relationships more than most folks.

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The problem is that it gives me a vibe that she will be very controlling and jealous, which is also usually a bigger problem.

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