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Sex dating in dom station ohio

Go to youtube, and search for it, if not here is a link try it, and see if it works WatchThis song moments in love was in the very very beginning intro into da dip them it seemed to be erased from the music world altogether, that is until this new song in 2014 dark horse decided to sample it for the beat.I get the 5 to the 6 7 digits, call her up on my cellular And all the shit that i say to her, The fun will begin when i hit the ....So if a girlie is lonesome i think that she knows where to goes when she wants some Cos Monty ain't here for nothin, but i got a little Chorus: Somethin for da honeyz (for the sick sick brothers sick sick) Somethin for da honeyz yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I think I may have found the answer, I was listening to an instrumental of a new song called Dark Horse, and it sounds very similar to something I used to listen to on the early 90's.Watch Like this: Watch - man my memory is so foggy on some of that Ghetto tech and dancemania shit...Watch Like this: Watch i am from Greece i m a new member in this site.Limit one coupon of each type per transaction per day. okay here's the deal I'm 25 years old before i was Evan 10 years old something 8 or 9 i believe there was a song i used to love but only heard it on the radio a few times and never heard it again it was very short lived that was way the hell back in 1994 or 95 We used to call it the dip dip song (this is not any song by Freak Nasty) I've been looking for this track that has eluded me over half my life so i will give the best details as far as what i can remember please keep in mind that i was a little boy last time i heard this track so some details my be wrong but here they are: 1.

That's not it but i will say dis n dat was the shit i used funky y2c as an example of a long lost song that i haven't heard for years and was looking for and finally found but the track I'm looking for is not any sort of booty bass or miami bass style song i think it was more mellow like a hip hop or Rn B track god damn it's been so long that my memory is not that great also have not heard it since 94 or 95 and I was a little kid just remember people it starts slow and then a woman (maybe Latina of Asian) starts singing dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip repeatably and there's other lyrics like i said bunny,honey,money or aah baby darling but thanks so much anyways please keep trying Another good old school jam but still not it but i also forgot about Immature's honey dip great memories reminds me of another bad creation or soul for real or something like that but that's not the one i think they are adults but thanks anyway Keith Murray did a song called Dip Dip Di back in '95 Watch said it was a mid tempo Hip Hop song and not a Miami bass track.

Maybe this is the song you have been searching for, good luck 1 - man my memory is so foggy on some of that Ghetto tech and dancemania shit...

I was thinking maybe he heard Jit Jit Jit instead of dip, dip, dip??

Something something something,,,, trying to get them bills paid." Who knows the title & author?

I am looking for an artist...might be a tough one,'s 90's artist (might even have been two) and somewhat similar to scooter (megaphone music) they had some great tunes and would use a megaphone to get their lyrics across.

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I first started thinking it was Tootsie Roll until you said that. damn it's not dip dip di but i think your the cloest anybody has got thanks Funky Rob i do appriciate it it seems like because i was so young and my memorie of it is so vauge that im not remembering enough details i don't really remember it as ghettotech but i think its maybe mid to uptempo hip hop (uptempo as in new jack swing style not freestyle,miami bass or house not that much uptempo between 100-112 BPM) and it had a very catchy melody i do remember the molody i can try to make a recording (probley a shitty one cant sing too well on of the reasons i stay behind the turntables) of the melody and post it later hopefully it will bring back some sort of memory for someone to help id it thanks everybody for all your help daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn Dee Jay Adam thats not it but you are truly the shit you just brought back a completely different lost track and some lost memories i have not heard kinsu's the hop for fucking years i remeber being 11 years old still trying to profect my dj skillz (1997 w/vinyl not serato real djs represent) i had doubles of the hop mixin it with some daisy dukes and push it those are some memories so i still have not found the track i wanted but let it be known that Dee Jay Adam has made my day with this lost track because i totally forgot guess i'm getting old how the fuck else could i forget the hop Thanks Adam P. im not that old i'm 25 but have been djing since 1994 (vinyl dj my whole life tried serato and tractor it's not the same) Is it Montel Jordan "Something for the honey's"?