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Having said that, I still have to compare my personal experience since I have already lived in Northern Ireland and the differences couldn't be bigger.

In bars and discos, or just in the street, girls in northern countries are much nicer and friendlier than in Portugal.

Today I went to Lisbon and walked in the streets all day long in almost all zones of the city, and I can swear some 70% of the under-30 years-old women I saw were tourists (mainly young hipsters from America and Northern Europe). I spent many days there and seeing young people was a rare occurrence.

I would guess that the average age in the city is well above 30, and add to that the fact that Lisbon has a somewhat small population...

Only that 5% of girls that seem to ellude most of us guys here in Portugal.

If your planning to date portuguese girls be prepared to drink a LOT of coffees and hang out in a LOT of lounge bars before you can "get it on" with a girl. You can try and look like a whiny metrossexual aka a caricature of Cristiano Ronaldo, that seems to help with some girls, but if your blonde like me, then dude, your scounting for girls in the wroooong country.

so the only reliable thing is social circle I think it's also a case of the job market for professionals under the age of 30 being absolutely brutal right now too.I know, still a very backwards way of thinking when it comes to relationships.Dating: Girls will never, and I stress NEVER EVER have sex on the first date and/or encounter at a disco.As my friend once said, Portuguese women are like Spanish ones except uglier, shorter, and with fat asses (not the good kind).Perhaps the game is much tougher out there with regards to Portuguese guys approaching Portuguese women. Unfortunately in Lisbon, I couldn't find three attractive ones anywhere I looked, much less receptive towards me.

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