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Teenage “purity,” “second virginity,” and other gospel-perversions The odd romanticization of marriage in Christian sub-culture has done a lot of damage.Marriage, young men are told at youth camp, is our reward for not having sex in high school.But the long-lasting effects of this nonsense is not funny.Even for those of us young men who have come to understand the staggering reality of the gospel, and what it means for “purity”—namely, that “not having sex” is a pitiful substitute for “purity” when we consider the actual purity of Jesus’ imputed righteousness—we still find the expectations of our pimply-17-year-old-selves hard to shake.This means that a husband and wife who cannot have children are no less able to experience the essence of marriage than those who can, and a husband and wife who begin their marriage with children already in the picture are also no less able to experience the essence of marriage than those who begin childless. Not only is a marriage between a man and a single mom still able to reflect the gospel—and thereby meet the chief end of marriage—such a marriage also has the potential of reflecting the gospel to an even greater degree, since it reflects not only Christ’s love for his Bride, but also the Father’s love for his adopted children!

Just hang in there a bit longer—until you get to a Cristian College!

In an instant, this mother became a wife, and this husband became a father.

Every wedding marks the beginning of a family, but these kinds do so in a uniquely palpable sense.

The masterminds of our youth camps often recognized this problem—that is, the problem that such a fragile definition of “purity” will leave young men and women who have had sex in despair—so they came up with one of the most bizarre solutions imaginable: “second virginity.” Rather than changing the definition of “pure” to reflect biblical teachings of sin, atonement, and imputed righteousness, these geniuses changed the definition of “virgin” so they could hold on to their terrible axiom! Except, it isn’t, because as long as you define “purity” as “virginity,” stretch marks and a baby will always brandish many young women as second-tier Christians who are at the very least less pure, no matter how many pamphlets you produce that smack of “second virginity.” Many of us who were the pimply 17 year-olds at youth camp have grown out of this kind of silliness in recent years.

We can laugh about the absurd analogies we were saturated in and the antics that pervaded the whole movement—we all remember our unvarnished pennies, rubber bands, nails, buttons, true love waits rings, and of course, the rose, right?

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