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Emphasize that your giggles are evidence of arousal, not disgust or contempt. My doctor does not think other options for birth control (e.g., an intrauterine device) will be a good fit for me.

Should I continue on the pill or tell my husband that if he wants sex, he has to share responsibility in avoiding pregnancy? And you can keep having sex without pills, condoms, or pregnancies.

Close by telling him that you'd be open to dating—a real, noncasual relationship—if things don't work out with this other girl.The key: You not only answer a bunch of multiple-choice questions about your lifestyle and preferences to create your own profile, but get to choose which answers you want to see in your potential matches, as well as how important each of those answers is.Of the four online dating sites we tested in-depth, OKCupid is the only one to base its matching algorithms off such robust parameters.Your fantasy probably lacks a name because it isn't that odd or a whole lot to ask.And this fantasy makes you more sexually and romantically marketable than you seem to realize, LWAM.

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There's oral (his and hers), anal (ditto), and mutual masturbation (underrated). —Dubious in Phoenix AIt was safe for the bottom—provided that overtaxed condom didn't burst (here's hoping they were using a more spacious, more durable female condom)—but it wasn't safe for the tops. The first time I slept with him, he told me that he was interested in a relationship, and I told him that I wanted to keep things purely casual.