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Nester dating

She has a daughter who is married and a son in college.

Christy writes to help people know God, and you can find her new book about becoming blameless on Amazon.

As we learned about the brokenness in the young people's lives, we felt deeply for them.

A few months ago, I finally collected my consulting fees for the first time.

A few years ago Matt and I started looking ahead to our kids leaving home.

We started talking about it and planning for it.“We have to get good at this,” he said to me. It started to come back to us –how much fun we had when we were dating and in those early years of marriage, before the first positive pregnancy test changed everything. Something else we did before the kids left was to find great meaning in our labor for the kingdom of God.

As urban professionals trying to live out their faith in a rapidly evolving socioeconomic environment, often with both husband and wife working demanding jobs, many of them felt overwhelmed.

It was not long before I had to start another class on faith in the workplace.

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Now they are the first home-grown, empty nester tentmakers to be sent out by their home church.

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