Lonely dating people

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Lonely dating people

10) As you don’t trust in you and are unwillingly to use your past experiences to make real, positive, changes, you are going to have to work out your plan of action and decide how you want to play this.

You don’t get to have a shopping list of requirements in these situations!

Whoever you meet, you’d better accept him as he is and work with what you find.

You’re the person that wants to settle for less so this may mean that you’ll have to get to grips with being with an assclown or an emotionally unavailable guy.

You can’t do this – if you do, you can consider the relationship over before it has even started.

6) You’d better find other sources of contentment because you cannot place everything on some guy.

2) You’d better leave your insecurities at the proverbial door, because while people accept that we come with a level of baggage, it is highly unattractive to be in relationships with people whose baggage permeates everything and who appear to need reassurance, validation, affirmation, and discussions above and beyond the comfort levels of even the healthiest of people.

You can’t be in a new relationship, treating him like an ex, or making assumptions about him – you need to treat him as you find him.

Change is not easy and realistically, you need to want better for you more than you want a man who doesn’t actually exist in your life yet.

You need to have enough self-awareness and have a fairly solid foot in reality that reminds you of where you have already been and the pain you have experienced, so that you don’t continue to desire and seek it.

I know that the overriding majority of women that get in touch with me and mention the word ‘loneliness’ are also lonely when they have a man in their life.

In fact, I know people who feel just as alone in a room full of people, nevermind one on one with a man.

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