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But for some refugees, the reality of going back home - whether by force or voluntarily - rests somewhere between a rock and hard place.

But UNHCR officials at the Dadaab camp denied the number of people faced by such threats was either alarming or significant."I know of a number of women who have been killed to prevent them from spreading the disease." She also feared she would be forced to marry other HIV infected people.Her fears were shared by health workers who escaped death threats at the notorious Dabaab refugee camp, fleeing to Nairobi thereafter, after conducting a series of campaigns advocating the use of condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.It has been in total disregard of Sharia law," claimed the elderly Farah, formerly a teacher in Somalia."In fact, they [the prosecutions] have been criminal and sinful acts." Farah's colleague told the story of his son, executed in public by al-Shabaab for "acts of sodomy".

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But many gay Somalis say returning is not an option for them."Warlords have made Somalia a death chamber for gays and lesbians," said Jamal, a Somali journalist.