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After all, you wouldn’t dream of letting a small child run around your car while you are behind the wheel, so the same rules should apply to pets.Granted, they may not agree to sit nicely while restrained by a seatbelt, but it should be compulsory to fit a boot guard and buy the necessary crate/container to ensure they stay out of the way.Are you aware that millions of households across Britain could be invalidating their home insurance if they own a tumble dryer?Whirlpool, who own the Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda brands, are currently in the process of repairing or replacing 4.3 million potentially faulty machines after letters went out warning owners that their dryers could burst into flames at any moment!Even if it does, it might not pay the full amount, leaving you out of pocket.Considering how strict the law is when it comes to texting or making a phone call from behind the wheel, it seems strange that there aren’t tighter rules in place when it comes to animals in cars.

Indeed, as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board began releasing decisions invalidating patents, some even labeled the PTAB as a “patent death squad.”[1] Whether that description is a fair one or not, it cannot be disputed that in just three short years, IPR proceedings...That means stroking a dog or cat, or trying to restrain it as it attempts to sit on your lap/lick your face/stick its head out of the window, should be avoided at all costs.The same goes for talking on your mobile, setting (or re-setting!Potentially fatal if excess fluff catches the heating element, Whirpool have instructed customers to use the faulty machines as usual under the condition that they don’t leave them unattended and to check and clean the filter after each cycle.with dozens of household fires now being linked to tumble dryers across the country, safety experts have warned against using affected tumble dryers all together.

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Again you should always check with the provider as to exactly what is and isn’t covered with regard to transporting your pet, as policies vary widely.