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Friends reunited dating cost

And yes, cabs are a total rip-off, but when you're a single girl, it's not always safe to take the subway home alone late at night.

Sometimes, I wish I had a boyfriend just so he could split the cab fare with me.

At least when you're single, you can go home, devour pizza in bed and no one will be there to judge you for your savage yet impressive appetite. It's safe to say on any given Sunday, I'm usually pretty hungover and neither willing nor able to leave my bed.

That being said, I have to make a trip to the grocery store because the contents of my fridge were limited to beer and chocolate.

I also had to get a manicure because my nails looked dead AF.

You see, single girl maintenance costs are pretty darn high.

So let me break down how expensive a typical weekend is for a single girl: Friday night was my friend's birthday.The problem is, living the extravagant, "getting drunk all the time because that's just what single people do" lifestyle isn't exactly the most sustainable thing to do.Of course, cutting costs would be a good solution, but it's a lot harder than it sounds.I never feel comfortable asking guys to buy me drinks at the bar because I always feel like I owe them something afterward.Plus, I don't want them following me around the entire night, so I just buy my own drinks.

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