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A person who belongs to the Episcopal Church is called an “Episcopalian.” The word “Episcopal” means a church governed by bishops. Each parish is lead by an elected vestry or bishop’s committee.

The pastor of an Episcopal church is usually called a “priest.” In the Episcopal Church, priests are allowed to marry and women may also serve as priests. The word “Diocese” (pronounced DY-oh-seas) comes from the Latin and Greek words for “administration.” The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan is one of 15 Dioceses in the Fifth Province of the U. However, the Archbishop is not like a “pope,” but more of “first among equals.” We are not part of the Roman Catholic tradition and we do not report to their leaders. In the Episcopal traditional, we call our ordained spiritual leaders “clergy”.

On or near the altar there are candles to remind us that Christ is the “Light of the world’’ (John ).

Often there are flowers, to beautify God’s house and to recall the resurrection of Jesus.

Through the sacrament of Holy Baptism, sinful man is cleansed; he is made a new creature in Christ, and is received into the Christian fellowship.

To learn more about the Episcopal Church organizational structure in Western Michigan, click here now.

You won’t be forced to think a certain way or “get in line” with everyone else.

In fact, you’re welcome to bring your questions, doubts, hopes and dreams with you.

It strives to continue this ministry by proclamation and by witness, both in its corporate life and in the lives of its individual members., written by the three Church Councils meeting at Nicea in A. Perhaps the greatest achievement in the English language is the King James translation of the Bible, which was given to the world by the Church of England.

In addition to encouraging the study of the Holy Scriptures, and providing instruction in the customs, history, and traditions of the Church (which stem from the earliest days of Christendom), the Episcopal Church strives to provide opportunity for people of all ages to receive and discover truth as it is revealed in history, in philosophy, and in science.

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Members of the Episcopal Church attend services to worship God, not to be lectured or entertained.

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