Earliest papyri nt dating

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Earliest papyri nt dating

Each papyrus fragment is identified by a numbering system that was introduced by Caspar Rene Gregory (1846-1917).He used the gothic Blackletter B, but P is commonly used, e.g., P52.This article gives an overview of the New Testament manuscripts.It is a summary of a talk that is view-able on You Tube.They were written on one side only and could only be read sequentially.They were portable and reusable, as the text could be erased by melting the wax.

It allowed random access rather than being read just sequentially.

New Testament manuscripts are generally dated using palaeography or radio carbon dating.

Palaeography is the study of ancient handwriting and exploits the fact that language, alphabets, characters and abbreviations vary over time.

The date ranges for date estimates are between 25 to 125 years.

Radio-carbon dating provides date ranges from 10 to 100 years.

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A New Testament papyrus is a copy of a portion of the New Testament made on papyrus.

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