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In addition to its immerse extracting power, the program also features wide exporting capabilities.You can save gathered data into a plain CSV or text file, export to HTML or XML, as well as to put the data right into a given database format using the built-in possibility to export information into MSSQL/My SQL script or directly into any ODBC-compatible destination.I can nearly always operate it alone but when I have questions I always have quick support help. Since I purchased it I have made at least 5 upgrades and they never request a single cent.After a few days of using it you will be saying the same thing as me.And command line options allow to set the program to work with any third-party scheduler. Yes, it determines elements on a page and the type of the data field suggesting the extraction results as a preview, but you can always make necessary changes or adjust the program's choice manually if needed.

The software is easy to use and works very effectively at an affordable price.If you are reading this page it is because you need extraction software. This software is simple to use, easy to understand, very versatile, and has excellent support.I have used it regularly for the last 2 years and don't have much computer knowledge. After you have had this software for two days it will have paid for itself and you will use it forever.This allows you to apply the scraped data immediately - say, perform an in-depth analysis using spreadsheet application, create a summary report and upload it via FTP, or import the data into your own application or service's database.Web Content Extractor provides serious automation of the website scraping task.

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Scraping data from websites is a common data gathering task.

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