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I had to ask Levine about this, because I see it time and again in my friends, and though I’ve never been guilty of it—when I fall, I fall hard—it’s definitely a modern phenomenon.

If this is the case for you, Levine does not mince her words.

“When a woman dates more than one person at a time, she is less vulnerable because, should something go wrong with any one relationship, she can fall back on another,” says Levine.

If that’s your personal Achilles’ heel, it might be worth exploring why that is so.

In the meantime, have fun, be careful, and—I have to say it—be sure to exercise caution and use protection if you’re sleeping with more than one person.

There is a steady stream of hot lesbians marching through my door, moon-faced and glassy-eyed, happily dating the same woman.

That woman is my roommate, a buoyant Dutch personal trainer who joyously skips through life as I shuffle through existence. Better yet, put your phone on silent while you two are together.

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