Dating japan muslims affairs

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Dating japan muslims affairs

The possibility of individual Muslims settling down in Japan in this period can’t be ruled out either.However, in the late 19th century, two parallel trends suddenly piqued the interest of the Muslims and Japanese for each other: (1) European imperialism in the Muslim world, and (2) the sudden emergence of Japan as a modern, independent nation that could hold its own against the predatory European powers.Recognising this, Sultan Abdülhamid II of the Ottoman Empire—the only Muslim state still in control of its foreign affairs—sent the imperial warship made it to Japan, where its crew was welcomed with great hospitality.On the return voyage in 1890, however, the ship was hit by a typhoon in southern Japan and all but 69 of its crew perished.Japan’s first mosque was built in 1905 by Russian prisoners-of-war in Japanese captivity.Another mosque was built in 1914 (and rebuilt in 1935) in Kobe by Indian and Arab businessmen.In 1907, an Egyptian Islamic scholar named Ali Jaljawi visited Japan and presumably attended a conference on world religions held at the time in Tokyo.

Muslim observers watched in awe as tiny, unheard-of Japan crushed the Russian Empire, which had been harassing Muslims in Central Asia for generations.For many—including many of the Japanese themselves—Japan’s “splendid isolation” was a reason for the world to instead focus on nations that were easier to reach and more open to engagement. Despite the fact that Islam spread and thrived on the nearby Chinese mainland and in Southeast Asia for centuries, it wasn’t until the late 19th century, that the Muslims and Japanese expressed any real interest in each other.Of course, Muslims had heard of “al-Yāban” (or “Chāpun”), and the islands first appeared on a Muslim-made map in 1430 as part of the work of a Persian scholar, Hāfiz-i Abrū, on the Far East.However, the development of Japanese-Muslim relations was very slow.In 1715, a Tokugawa scholar named Arai Hakuseki published a book in which he discussed Islam; several other works described the Muslim-majority world in detail.

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In the 17th century, an Ottoman historian described the Japanese (or people of “Caponya”) as people who “love to take cold baths and have high morals”.

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