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She notes that continued intimacy in marriage hinges on “good, honest and respectful communication.”The single, middle-age scene, like I’ve already said, is an alternative reality.Before I go any further, I should say that I have not interviewed any single middle age women about this subject and my conclusions are based more on what my gut tells me and what I’ve read. Generally, the answers given by married men were pretty consistent. It’s much lower on their wives’ priority lists, they said.“Definitely me,” said a buddy of mine. During the past seven years while doing research for my book on middle age men, I’ve talked to dozens of guys about this topic.Health Protection Agency figures show a 60per cent increase in cases of chlamydia in 2008 in this age group, compared to 2004.The popularity of online dating and surprising lack of sexual knowledge in older adults are contributory factors.

Between 19, divorce in England and Wales in the 45-plus age group rose by more than 30 per cent.Some couples, though, say with a straight face that sex is not necessary to have a happy, satisfying marriage.That may be true for people and there may be medical circumstances involved.In fact, she's 51 and the educated, successful director of a blue-chip company - with a 21-year-old daughter.Her story is an illustration in microcosm of why sexually transmitted diseases among the over-45s are on the increase.

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Hanna Rosin, in her 2010 Atlantic magazine piece, noted another new development: namely that women have become the majority by a slight margin in the full-time, workforce. For every two men who earned a college degree last year, three women did the same, Rosin reported. This reluctance of middle age women to seek marriage or a serious relationship may also stem from the fact that they were burned or abused in a previous relationship.

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